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Gyrfalcon, Falco rusticolus

Gyrfalcon, Falcon rusticolus

Gyrfalcon, Falco rusticolus
Falcons are the most remarkable and famous of the birds of prey. All falcons have a savage
and predacious disposition, especially the Gyrfalcon. Because of their swiftness and excellent
far seeing eyesight they became excellent hunters. Gyrfalcons hunt from high in the sky because
of their excellent eye sight. They can see an object from very far away.

The Gyrfalcon is the largest of the true falcons standing about two feet tall as an adult.
The Gyrfalcon has three special color phases: dark, gray and white. The white phase of Gyrfalcon
is unique and the most breath taking of all raptors. The males weigh in at about two and a half
pounds and as with almost all raptors, females are bigger and heavier than males.

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The diet of the Gyrfalcon consists mostly of birds and small mammals. This makes Gyrfalcons
carnivores, and their favorite foods are Rock Ptarmigan and Willow Grouse. Also they dine
on ducks, shorebirds and geese. When lemming populations peak, the birds add these mammals
to their menu.
Text above from Arctic Wildlife, By Fred J. Kane

Gyrfalcons is a typical polar-circumferencing specie of the northern hemisphere.
It is about the same size as common European goshawks but has characteristically more pointed
wing tips and the general falcon shape. The color is variable and depends also on their habitat.
Greenland gyrfalcons are very light. The Icelandic individuals are darker but on average still
lighter than their mainland Scandinavian relatives.

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