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Balearic Islands


To come down from the far north.....

and to see all the flowers here, was to us very surprisingly.
All over you could see YELLOW flowers.

white flowers....
Think it is what we call ERICA back in Norway,
and use to buy them in small pots around christmas time.


Menorca is wellknown for its ORCHIDS. No wonder.

Yes, they are beutiful. - and it really is SPRING down here on the island.

We don't recognize this one, but may be it will be easier
when the flowers come for full??? Size about 1 meter.

This was a really tall bush - and one with RED flowers.

but also unknown to us.

Some were just green yet, but who knows what to come out of the middle of it? We are still early in March.

We have seen yellow, red and green flowers and plants. So why not also BLUE?

But again, unknown to us.

Can't neither leave this one outside our page.

Let's have some yellow ones again.


On what seems like a bridge in the middle of the area, the cormorants and different ducks were lined up.
Other waterbirds were around in the water.

We couldn't miss out this one. But - is it flowering now? Or are the flowers left over during winter?


Guess I have to go to this fantastic web-site to consult him for all we don't know about.

You had to watch the ground closely to find those tiny small ones. But they're also beautiful.
Wonder if it the one used on this page as a background?
Blue Bindweed?

Back in Mahon city we found this cute fellow, but there were also many represented up in Albufera NP.

All photos above are from March 2011.

Now lets see what happened in November 2011:

A dry season it has been - and this is all that is left of this plant.
These days the seeds are falling off down to the ground.

Even if it is the dryest summer they have had for many years here on Menorca, Fauna is not dead yet.
Three days ago they got a few rainshowers, and see what happened shortly after!
Those tiny seeds have been lying here for whoever knows. Suddenly they blossom as ever before. Right up of the sandy ground.

Beautiful, aren't they?

Notice the one to the right, just coming up to day - few hours ago?

Well, there are more flowers here at the moment.
Mostly along the roads, and some along the paths, but they are all the same.
Anyway, the bright yellow colour of this one, certainly lightens up the ground.

Looking up a little, you will see the pines having their xxxx,
and to us that comes from Norway, way north, it looks strange to see the old ones
all together with new ones at the same time.

It's true. There are more flowers, but as you see on this picture
you have to bow down to see really see them.
However, the green ones somehow manage to look green in between the dry stony paths.



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over 500


over 225
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