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Harbour in Mahon City


March 2011 - Now we are finally here..
It was a long trip. Left home on Thursday afternoon, and arrived at the airport hotel at Rygge Storebaug/Marche at 19:00.
Our clock waked us up at 04:30, breakfast at 5 in the cafeteria (they weren't quite awake there either, even though they opened at 5),
So up to the airport to park our car, find Check In and get away at 07:15, destination Stansted Airport, London.
A little past 8 english time (norwegian time 9) we landed at Stansted, from where we went by bus on M1 and other highways, first
toward London, then north to Luton Airport.

We travelled by National Express, which brought us fast and safely to the next airport.
As we long time ago passed 60 years of age, we got tickets at half price, and was all over very satisfied.

In England the spring had arrived allready, so while having to wait a few hours, we were out for a walk.


The sun shine bright, it was warm, and small flowers were looking up here and there, and a starling visited us also.

We also went down to the hotel to take care us when we came back, late on a Friday night,
just to see where it was situated, and to tell them we would be very late when we returned.

New airplane from Luton at 16:40. Was a bit to wait, but there was a lot to look at, and extremely many shops in the departure section..
Dinner was also taken there, in an italian restaurant - beef and chicken.

20:00 local spanish time we landed on Mahon Airport, Menorca, in the dark. Only few lights could be seen far away. Here there were no big cities!
Taxi from there to the hotel, where we got a key to our room No.7.

And that was a surprise.:



We had expected a single room, here we got two.
3 pictures from the living room and one from the bedroom.

The first morning we started with breakfast at the hotel (included in the price!), and then from 9 to 13
we had a good walk-about in the city to get to know it. .Then back to the hotel to relax.

Afternoon - and another walk - this time in the harbour area.
Here also they had "The little Mermaid", allthough not exactly the same as the original in Copenhagen.

On our way home we found a huge shoppingcenter with the un-spanish name EROSKI,
but got what we wanted. Red- and white wine did cost about the same as in the Canaries

Sunday morning - a beautiful morning with sun from a clear blue sky.
We went down to the harbour area, found a bench in a park, and sat down in the sun for about an hour. Then we took another walk-about.
To the left yesterday, to the right to day.:

Lots of boats, sailers, cabincruisers etc, i.e. those small motorboats they had, with a deck for bathing,
complete with a ladder up in the boat, and down into the water.
Almost all the smaller boats had similar equipment.

Longside flowers where coming up, and in between a certain other creature.

The wall to the left is lava, upon the top and behind are the town. Sometimes their houses are build as far out on the ridge as possible
and they have to do something not to have them down. So they need some support. Not the houses that is, but the lavaridge below, of course.

It works well as long as the pillars below stay were they are put.


In those walls of lava the doves find small caves- upper pictures left lower corner- there is a lot of them - both the caves and the doves.
And flowers are coming up all over the area.

A beautiful morning.

While sitting here you can watch the cruise-ships coming in or going out. What a sight!

The "Royal Clipper".

lengde 439 feet long, 5 masts, 42 sails, mast height 197 feet
Crew 106, passengers 227.

and three more, from left to right:

"Thomson Destiny", "Island Escape" og "Saga Ruby".
"Island Escape" may carry more than 1.700 passengers
Down on the pier it suddenly grows up a small village of businesspeople and their tents.

Back at the hotel, we sat by the swimmingpool - all alone - and were reading and had our fist bath.
Temperature in the water was no more than 8 to 9 degress Celcius, but fun anyway.
The smalle pool was for children. Pictures is taken from our bedroom.
Amusing we though, to see the locals passing by, well dressed for the winter, while we were in shorts sunbathing.
In the garden to the left, there grew oranges. And they tasted real oranges!

If everything else goes well, we will hire bicycles after breakfast to morrow, and go outing.

Monday, March 7th.

To day we hired bicycles for a week.
If you ever want to hire bicycles in Mahon city, we can absolutely recommend the same dealer as we used.l
Very kind service, and good price for very good bicycles.
You will find it just behind the only gas-oil station in the eastern part of the city.

Their addres is Cami des Castell 241C Maó - Menorca - Tel : 971 35 13 23 -
Web-site is: http://www.ciclostramontana.com/en/servicios/

If you ever go there, please mention you found their address on OUR pages, www.vulkaner.no

Monday March 7th
First trip was to Cala Masquida, a little up the hill, and a little down again.
This first time it took us a litttle more than an hour from our hotel.
When we arrived:

a beautiful lonely beach.
Why shouldn't we just stop here?
We stayed where the arrow points.
Four hours in bright warm sunshine - and dips into the water, which was not as cold as we thought.

Then back again, and that was all about Monday.

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