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Holiday in Menorca  V   

Monday. Raining. We are moving slowly. Weatherforecast says will be better..
At 12:.00 we don't want to wait any longer. After an early luch we ride our bicycles south.

They told us this one was fine for exploring the island....

("to timer" = two hours)

As you may see from the map above, our trip to day is through rural districts. (red line).
We don't have to care for cars and other kinds of traffic, and that is good.
Out destination is the south coast, a little bit to the left on the map in the corner.

Told you it was a rural district.....

Think we might have passed most of the 70.000 kilometers of rockwalls they are having here. At least that's how we felt it.
Little difficult however to explore all of the country, as some of the walls are too tall to get a good view around..

Partly it is a bit easier, but so there are not two lanes traffic any longer.

Several olivetrees grow along the path. They made it pleasant to us.

Some times the view was much better. Walls not so tall..


Another benefit from the olivetrees, they gave us shelter when raindrops came too many at the same time...
However, we find the path more like suitable for sheep than for bicycles now.

It's raining..


Small signs told us where to go, and from where we came... Here we have to follow the one to Trebalúger (see map above)
The orchids are coming up all over the island. Here also.

At the point of the arrow we made a wrong choice. We should have been down Cami de S'Olivera
but instead were happened to be on Cami des Pou Nou. And that became Nou nou no.
We didn't realise till we suddenly entered into Sant Luis, another 'big' city of Menorca.

Just outside we found this small park, where we had our lunch. 1 banana for each, and a BIG orange to share.

There grew some (to us) funny pines here, with very long soft needles.
Clock had now passed 15 in the afternoon, and as the rain didn't seem to stop, we longed after a cup of coffee in the hotel.

Homeward on the highway, cars had four lanes, two in each direction, bycycles two lanes, one in each direction,
while pedestrians only one.....

For some unknown reason sun was coming through the clouds when we got back, so we had coffee on the veranda.
Then, when finished, the rain came back again..

End of Monday Time is 18:00

Tuesday at 13:30

We have some problems getting out on a trip




and its RAINING

and its RAINING

and its RAINING

so we are just waiting to see if it is ever going to stop again.....
We managed to have a short walk out, rest of the day at the hotel painting again.



Weatherforecast on the computer says cloudy unsteady weather.
Newspapers forecasts rain..
At 16:00 it was totally overcast, cloudy, dark and threatening.

B U T. . . . . .

we woke up early to a bright sunny blue sky
and we sure didn't hesitate to get along....

To day we made a real long trip. Again our destination was the south coast, primarily Cala Biniparratx (with an 'x')
and then the road out to Punta Prima to the right on the map, and then returning back home from there.
Just before we came to Cala Biniparratx, we took a small path out to the mouth of the "cala".
And it was lik this:

Oh yes, it was windy to day, but we wanted this trip to be made

Further into the cala::

Notice the blue sky! - and landscape made up of old lava.

So up the hill, to look for the path down.... We left our bicycles, and went down - toward what?

Beautiful or wonderful???

and this is what it looked like from above:

Photo © from the book "Menorca - A tour of the Island", Triange Postals

Here we found our place in the sun..
While staying here, we found a lot of caves in the cliff just across the sand.



There were 1 floors caves, 2nd floor and so on up the cliff.
You might take a chance and climb up to the upper floor, but think they used rope-ladders when they used to live here.
One 'apartment' even had a staircase.

Going back to our cycles, we passed a wild olivetree (?) blooming.
If they are all to become olives, it will sure be a good harvest.

So along the coastline. Notice again the blue sky!.

Through "small" holiday resorts, with beautiful villas and gardens (many with swimmingpools),
while some strange thing is going on far west..

Since most of the coastline is made up by lava, there are a bit to go to find sandy beaches right here.
Further west, like at Son Bou, they have a sandy beach at nearly 4 kilometers length.

Son Bou
Hotel Sol Milanos Pingüinos

As a book about Menorca says: "the island's longest beach, and also the most crowded".
Yes, that's where the big hotels are.

We are still following the coastline. Far out there is Punta Prima with a big lighthouse. That's where we are going now.

Coastline is just as unfriendly here, but a beautiful nature - and, of course, with a lot of flowers along.

We are getting closer to the lighthouse, after having passed a couple of strange names:
Cap d'en Font, Binibeca Vell, Torret de Baix, Biniancolla og San Ganxo.

Again we had to stop by one of those beautiful orchids of Menorca, which we last saw in Albufera National Park.

At Punta Prima we found this tall rose.

At the end of the road was a small park, in which we went to find a place to rest -
and to have a good view of the lighthouse - which did not be on the corner of the island as we thought, -

but on the small island of Illa de l'Aire, just off the coast.
And still blue sky ahead.!

As long as we were heading east, the sky ahead WAS blue, but now turning north, and looking west
the sky was not at all as clear.,

Again, rich flowering by the side of the road. Here some other roses on an to us unknown bush.

F A R ahead we could now see   Mahon.....
We were back at the hotel about 16:00, and as said before, now sky was very much cloudy.
But - we had a wonderful trip.

Cloudy all through the morning, but we decided to not listen to any weatherforecast.

11:30 off for a last visit to Es Grau.
First up there, we went to the eastern part of the Albufera National Park,
and were welcomed by the egrettas.....

The Grey Heron was the first one to show up.

And, of course, the cormorants.. We are getting used to their whitish front now.

At least not a normal sight back home in Norway.

Think we got a good shot this time.

Lots of birds, but unfortunately few animals.
We neither saw any snakes (fortunately), turtles (they are getting rare nowadays), or any other,
except for one we thought might have been a marten (?).
and finally on this last day, this little fellow showed up:

So leaving the park, found the large beach, went up the path upnhill, and found our 'own' beautiful small beach again.

Now the sun was shining all the time we spent down here - in the sand and in the water..

Once more look into the village, Es Grau, where we had a cup of coffee in a small cafeteria.

Here also some beautiful wild roses.

Did not look at all like smaller ones we have at home

Aren't they beautiful.

Once more crossing the local beach - through the national park of Albufera, and then back home..
Delicious dinner at the restaurant in the harbour.

Pierro Restaurante Pizzeria, Anden de Levante 218, Puerto de Mahón

Here we also had to take a picture of the many stairs from the harbour area
and up to the city itself, on top of the plateau.

We could only get half of it. Further up it divided into right and left, and continued all the way up.

On top of the stairs, which goes through a small park, we found this bit tree:

Bicycles have been returned..
To morriw we have to pack, and go home.
Our airplane leaves Mahon Airport at. 21:00

Outside Stansted Airport in London, spring had surely come

At home the snow was still there..

But we did not stay home for ever. Next October 2011 we went to Menorca again.

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