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Norway, from South to North, on Holiday by car  Why we made this tour

The famous coastal route, main road RV17, has always been recommended
to those wishing to really see Norway.
And that includes Lofoten and Vesterålen, too.

But at the same time, there have been warnings. Lots of them.
It's too long - it's too slow.
It's dangerous.
You'll have to wait for hours for those ferries - even days if lots of traffic.
The central-european camp-cars are slowing down the traffic.
Weather is not always the best, and then you'll miss everything.

As we have been going north to visit our daughter for years, of course we also have wished
to see this part of the country. This year we made it.

But we planned to spend time, not to worry about ferries and weather.
So out of the thirteen days under way, we had to do nothing for one day only when it rained.

What about the 10 ferries?
We had to wait from 5 minutes up to an hour and a quater. Not that bad?

Dangerous? Don't know why, if it wasn't for those tourists
who thought they could make RV17 and also reach Northcape (Nordkapp) within a week.

One thing did surprise us. Not used to find much places to stop and rest on mainroads further south,
they really had a lot of nice places to stop by up here.
And lots of them even equipped with water-closets.

One thing, however, that you have to be aware of if you drive on gasoline,
is that you have to go for a long ride till you get to the next tankstop.

The complete trip, 4.330 kilometers, except for one week stay at 70° North,
came to 900 Euros or US$ 1.000,
including diesel (gasoline), food and ferries.

Well, another 200 Euros were spent on wedding-anniversay dinner in Henningsvær,
a nice piece of jewellery (just a small one...), a CD-album in Sweden
and a new wallet - and entrance at the Viking-center Lofotr in Borg, but all that is extra.

Now, before you start looking at the pages from day 1 to day 22,
remember to click on most pictures to really get a good view of what this has been like!

When you are through, let's know what you thought about our tour! E-mail address below.
You may call us, or e-mail for further info if you think it will help you to do the same.

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