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Up and down to the top of Norway

This time through Sweden and Finland


The reindeer were all over on our way back in November 2004.

One of the bigger ones

I don't like to be disturbed while eating!

....so get away, and let me eat before the snowlayer becomes to high.

Mostly they are around at sunrise and sunset, then you have to especially careful when driving.

But sometimes you just can't help it - they are in there somwhere.

By the way, you also have to be aware of icy roads - and reindeer skating....
and DON'T try to read the road signs when driving either!

The following three pictures are taken north of Rovanieme, Finland

I can't explain why - but we will be up there again.......

Believe no comments are necessary-----

One of the oldest lighthouses, Skags fyr(lighthouse), is in Jävre.
It was previously placed outside Örnsköldsvik from 1871 - 1957.
When it was replaced with a more modern navigationsystem, the old lighthouse was
transferred to Jävre to commemorate the building of Lighthouses here at Sandholmen.

But even if you are not interested in old lighthouses, you may still feel it is worth it to stop by:

Also used as a bathing-place, at least in the summer. Just run off and jump out into the sea!

If for nothing else, you need to take a break-off from time to time when your'e driving around.

Another nice place we ran into, not too far from Sundsvall:

At Ångersjön (Lake Ånger), where the white birches lightened up in the sun.
Around this stop there are several paths to walk, bird-watchtowers and of course you can take a bath.

Later in the day we arrived at this little lake in the inland:

It was time for another stop, and while walking around....

we found we were not alone, a beaver had been here before us.

While staying here the fog came by at the other side of the lake.
As you can see, there was no wind to blow it away...

When you're out on a trip like this, you have to wash off the lights etc from time to time -
otherwise the moose and reindeer won't see you......

As I've said before: ' I just can't help taking those picture....'.

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