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Mountain Torghatten

The white spot in the center of the mountain is the hole.
Picture found at http://rv17.no/torghatten-camping/

The official information goes like this:
This hill is renowned for its distinctive hole piercing straight through the hillside.
You really get the sense of man's inferiority to nature
when you walk through the 160 metre long, 35 metre high and 15-20 metre wide hole,
created thousands of years ago by the sea's erosion.
The hill is 15 km from Brønnøysund and there is a path you can follow up to the hole taking approx. 20 minutes.

Our tour went like this:

The official info was right about it taking 20 minutes to climb up.
They forgot to tell you to bring lots of water on a hot day....

Almost there... Now it depends on whether it was worthful all the climbing or not.
The path up was well marked, but you ought to have good shoes -
and if you are an older person, take your time. 20 minutes up is not a demand.

Now as you have come that far, sit down for a while.
Turn around and enjoy the view from where you came.
That alone should be worth the climbing up here. Don't you agree?
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Having come that far, let's have a look inside - and THROUGH the mountain.
You can see all the way through

Then comes the next question:
Can we also walk through the hole and come out on the other side?

Well - someone has put in staircases here, so lets try them out.

They have to bring you somewhere, and now we are eager for some adventures

Before we leave the surface of this earth, lets have a last look back.....
(Don't forget clicking for larger views!)

Then, lets look to see what's in the other end now....

Something is showing up.....
(don't forget to click!)

but we still have some more steps to go through this big hole in the mountain....

Of course you have been warned - you have to go on your own responsibility.
That means that the authorities believe that if you follow the marked tracks,
which however is not that well marked,
there is a great possibility you may arrive safely on the other side.

But some people think you can take a big stone and throw it down the hole -
just for the fun of listening to the overwhelming noise.
Just don't ask them to do it when you are in there yourself!

Now lets have a last look back before we reach the end of the hole.
We have done quite a distance inside the mountain.
And it was exciting - and it was fun.

But there was more to come.....

Outside Torghatten, off the coast, there are thousand of smaller islands.
Notice also the small farm down the mountain from the opening of the hole.
This view alone also was it worth - so now we have been awarded abundantly.

Finally outside on the other side, and we sighted a nice spot up the hillside,
for taking a rest and a cup of coffee.

From here we had a good view of the entrance to the hole in the Torghatten.
Now came another question. Should we return the same way we came, through the hole?
Or would it be possible to walk down the hilside to the farm below,
and next - would i tbe possible to follow the coastline around Torghatten
and return to were we started, where our car was parked?


It was no easy decision to take.......

.... and all the time our mind was drawn towards all other things around us.

And we just couldn't help enjoying the wonderful view once more:

That rest lasted for more than half an hour.
We just couldn't get enough of the view.

But as time went by, we just had to decide what way to return.

We gave it a try. To walk down and around the mountain.
And - there was a path leading down the hillside.

From here we had a good view of the entrance from the seaside.
Hard to understand how we got through, but the pictures we took
reminds us of how it was. It was true, afterall.

And so we were finally down.
From here we went to the left, followed the coastline -
and as soon as we got down to the beach,
we let the sea cool us off.

By the way, in the lagoon on the other side,
near the camp-site, we found several of these shells:

and back on the shore again,
more of the flowers which we had enjoyed througout this tour on, in,
and around Trollhatten Mountain.

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