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Skagen, Denmark   
Birding Skagen
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Just East of the Parking-lot on the tip (top), on the 'Southern Beach',
you will see this tiny little island. This is a place where you can always
find the eider ducks and the cormorant resting.


We love to experiment with our camera, here two pictures
taken through our hand-binocular. Not very easy to keep both the
binocular and the camera quiet when the wind blows yourself away.

Next time will try to catch the cormorant in the background again....

It is easier when the small Common Sandpiper (Actitis hypoleucos)
comes tripping along.

During the year, thousands of seagulls visit the tip (top)
on their way North or South, depending on the seasons.

A bit too difficult to identify all of them.

Late in the evening, you can also find them down in the harbour
where they are resting on the piers.

What is much more interesting is the birds of prey.
During the spring they come by the hundreds from Southern countries
and end up here on the tip (top), not very fond of crossing the ocean.
So, from time to time, you can see them returning from the sea,
just to stay another night before they give it another try.

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Common Sandpiper - Actitis hypoleucos
Wonder if they are not used to humans, as they don't seem to be afraid...

Once again, a picture through our binoculars.

Aren't they cute?

Status and distribution: Breeds in north and west British Isles, throughout much
of Scandinavia and from Poland east across Russia and south to the Caucasus and
north-east Turkey. Patchy and discontinuous in north and west Iberia and from France
east to the Black Sea. Rare and irregular breeder in Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark.
Text to this picture from: http://www.eurobirding.co.uk/common_sandpiper.HTM

Just north of the town Skagen, some hundred Greenfinches (Carduelis chloris)
are grouping before taking off for Southern and warmer countries.

Status and distribution Widespread and abundant throughout much of the Region. Breeds in the British Isles and from western France and Iberia east through Europe to Turkey, the Caucasus and the Urals. Found north to the Arctic Circle in coastal Norway, to the head of the Gulf of Bothnia and throughout central and southern Finland and in Russia north to the White Sea. In the south breeds on most larger Mediterranean islands and some of the Canaries, also in North-West Africa and the Middle East.
Text to this picture from: http://www.eurobirding.co.uk/greenfinch.HTM

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