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Skagen, Denmark  
Where to stay?
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There are hundreds of places to stay. In the town Skagen there are
many hotels, and even many more private rooms to rent.
What we did this time, were to have a quiet pleasant time
withour having to think of anything else that pleasure.
The result? Hotel Plesner.

They served us breakfast every morning, and in the evening
(that is at 18.30) they gave us a delicious dinner.
One night we had plaice in a way we never had before.
And much more. But you will have to taste for yourself.

All we can do, is to recommend their good cooking and warm
hospitality. And the price for 3 or 4 days midweek was not bad either.

Of course we did also sleep well.
Perhaps we would have done so anyway, after a long day outside
in the sand and the wind. But we enjoyed it.

Why dont you give it a try, and print out a copy of this page.
Perhaps they will reward it some way or the other (before dinner?).
(we cannot guarantee - they don't know about this...)

Hotel Restaurant
Holstvej 8 - DK 9990 Skagen, Denmark
Telephone 45 98 44 68 44 Fax 47 98 44 36 86
e-mail: plesner@hotelplesner.dk

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