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Skagen, Denmark 
What else about Skagen?
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This nice thing found outside 'Skagen Lys' is about 40 cm high,
made of polystone, and costs about DEK 300,-.
By the way - pay this shop a visit if you are using candles in your house!

In addition to everything else, Skagen is also a very lively shopping centre
where you will find first class goods.
Because of the 1 million tourists visiting Skagen each summer, they have
to have good stocks of almost everything, and when you come here
late in October, as we did, you can really get a good bargain.
This is the time they have to get rid of the old stocks, before they
start receiving what they shall offer the next busy season.

Most of all, Skagen is a living fishery-place.
The fact that the harbour is the heart of Skagen cannot be denied.
Here you feel the heart of Skagen beating and it is here you are aware of its fundamental
raison d'être and of the identity of the local residents.

Here you must step aside out of the way of the many lorries driving to and from, when the fishing boats are being unloaded, revealing many different kinds of fish.
You can stroll along the quayside and have alook at the fishing boats, bigh and small,
or the impressive yeachts anchored by the hundred in the harbout basin with the
beautiful old fish warehouses.

A must for early birds is the early morning fish auction where the auctioneers and
the buyers seem to keep a closer eye on each other than on the great variety of fish.
This really is the centre of the local community.
Text above from 'Skagen - Lysets land, Guide for Skagen-området 2003'
(To be found all over the town).

What is typical for Skagen, are the colour of their houses. It is nearly always yellow.
Various shades of yellow on the many old plaster-covered houses.
At the end of the 19th century it was a tradition in Skagen to plaster their houses before
the Pentacost-holiday.
Another special feature is the white border on top the roofs. To prevent the tiles from
blowing away during the winterstorms, they used cement to fasten them to the roof.
All of them were glued from under, but in addition the outmost tiles also had to be glued on
top. Thereafter these where painted white. And as you will see, this tradition is used to day.

(poor english - any help to offer?)

However, yellow or not, you can enjoy several hours just wandering around
in the small streets - especially during summertime when there are
flowers blooming all over.

Michael Ancher og P.S.Krøyer, Statue av Laurits Tuxen
© http://www.skagensmuseum.dk/

On top of this page it says: 'Most of all, Skagen is....
This really also is true when it comes to what Skagen means to people all over the world.

Maleriet 'Hip, hip, hurra!' av P.S. Krøyer.
© http://www.skagensmuseum.dk/

Skagen's Museum, founded 20th October, 1980 by Michael Ancher,
Degn Brøndum, V.Chr.Klæbel, P.S. Krøyer and Laurits Tuxen.

The museum building, designed by Ulrik Plesner, opened in 1928, later
extended twice, in 1980 and 1989.

1.500 paintings, drawings, sculptures and handicrafts - by artists working in Skagen between 1830 and 1930 - plus The Brøndum Dining Room, with paintings and artists' portraits in the panelling, transferred from Brøndum's Hotel in 1946.

Maleriet 'Yvonne Tuxen og Vibeke Krøyer'. 1909 av Laurits Tuxen.
© http://www.skagensmuseum.dk/

But most of all, it is the paintings. You will love them.
And you will visit this place over and over again.
And you will wonder where to find some free space on your own
walls back home, to place one or more reproductions, which you can buy here
at what I would call 'a favourable price'.

Why not visit the museum on the web - and see for yourself.
You can even take a virtual tour - but be careful -
when you are through you will wish to go there - soon!

'A stroll on the beach. 1896', by Michel Ancher
© http://www.skagensmuseum.dk/

More about Skagen from http://www.skagen-tourist.dk/

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