Our Beautiful World

From 70° to 71° North - by Car

End of Road - End of Europe

If you wish to see somthing else, you will find a landscape which no other place can show up.
One moment you feel you are on the moon, -.


the next moment, you are in between strange rocks and mountains.

We found nature here quite unusual and uncommon to us. But then quite interesting and impressive.

But hey, stop press..... what's that?

Most impressive moment of the day....
The Chief himself....  
White Tailed Eagle, Haliaeetus albicilla  

There were some other places we felt as attractive....

and some flowers, too

A beautiful mushroom, but don't ask me for its name...

What more can you demand?

no more comments....

Even here, flowers are covering the ground.

Finally, some thousand kilometers from home -
not the point of no return - but the point from where you can't go further...
The end of the old E6 continental road, now E75, at Hamningberg.

THE GREAT ERA OF Hamningberg as a fishery village was in the last part of the 18th century.
That was before the motors were invented and put on board the boats,
and thus demanded better harbours for the larger fishingvessels.

In 1964 it became almost inhabited, as the government refused to build a larger harbour.
People living there just had to leave their homes, and move to somewhere else and start all over again.

But not all of them left - look here for more info.

This is as far as you can get from Rome on E6 if you don't wish to swim....

If you, however, wish to use your car, it IS possible to get down into the sea here....

You may see to Russia on a clear day.

As it says- this is the End of Europe . on wall at a local store (the only one?)

On the road again, same way back.

Still there, waiting - but to rusky now to get a good picture.

Further down the road we passed Vardo, a town out on the Island.

You have to go through a tunnel to get out there.

Now, if you wish to get back to 'civilization, you may click here,
and go through Finland and Sweden, back to Oslo and our home in Sarpsborg, Southern Norway.

Otherwise, click on Next page below, and you will be brought to the main-menu for this trip.

Anyhow, glad to have had you with us...

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