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The Tanadelta

This is a map showing the reservate for the birds. The Tana river is ending here,
and have set off millions of tons of sand out the Tanafiord into the ocean.
Our next pictures are from the west-side of the fiord, up to the P-parking lot -
where the old main-road began or ended depending on which way you were going.

This was a place for birds. Not only for one....

...but for hundreds,...

...or perhaps for thousands...

Our only problem was to have them identified, so we could you the pictures on our bird-pages.

Remember the P-parking lot on the map above?
Well, that is here. And here you see the road going all the way out into the Arctic Ocean.

So what? Well, you get some information here:

From here it says, there are 105 kilometers from Vadsø.
Why is that so interesting?

Because a 105 kilometers by road, is far less than some few hundred miles at sea,
across the Arctic Ocean and rounding a part of Norway,
where you have heavy storms most of the year.
So - here they took their small fishervessels ashore,
carried them on wagons all the way down to Varangerbotn,
set them out at sea again, and sailed away.

Wondering if we have our breakfast finished soon....

Must be a paradise for a bird-watcher to come out here...

On the eastern side of Tanafiord, there were large sandbanks. We took a walk out on one of them -
you can see the car in the background.
However, tide is high up here north, and we had to run to get back in time, with our feets still dry.
Just wish to tell you in case...

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