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just a story....

Well, it all started right here ,
at Kate's Palace -
or should I say: just outside?
No, that's not true.
It really all started when the train
came in from Dallas, Texas.
It was a rainy day.

At exactly 2:43 PM

when HE came to town

At first people did not realize
what was going on.
In fact, we did not realize anything at all....
But more people were coming to town
Suddenly -
things began happening too fast
There were shootings
both here and there...
and he said
there would be no deal
if HE wouldn't let the girl go

All stories should have a good end,
and so this one also,
the girl could ride back
to her family


and everybody lived
happily ever since....

It's still there, at http://www.highchaparral.se/default.asp?P=1

all pictures © www.vulkaner.no
From a visit to the Family Park
'High Chaparral'
in Central Sweden some time during 1979.

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