Active volcanoes / Aktive vulkaner:

Talang, Indonesia  

The summit of forested volcano Talang, seen here from the NW, lacks a crater,
although two craterlakes occur on the flanks of the volcano.
Several flank eruptions took place in the 19th century.
Anonymous photo 1991

Talang, on the island of Sumatra in the Ecah province, is located exactly at 0°58'42"S and
100°40'46"E. The summit elevation is 2.597m (8.520 feet).

Talang, which forms a twin volcano with the extinct Pasar Arbaa volcano, has two crater
lakes on its flanks. The largest of these is 1 x 2 km wide Danau Talang. No historical
eruptions have occurred from the summit of the volcano, which lacks a crater. All historical
eruptions from Gunung Talang volcano have involved small-to-moderate 19th-century
explosive activity originating from a series of small craters in a valley on the upper NE flank.
and three smaller eruptions in 1981, 2001 and 2003.

Friday, April 15th, 2005
Last 24 hours estimated SO2 mass was around 1000 tonnes (Simon Carn) . Seismograph
recorded shallow & deep volcanic quakes and tectonic

Wednesday, April 13th, 2005
11.30 UTC: Related government officials, using buses and trucks, have continued to evacuate
thousands of residents from the slopes of Mount Talang volcano,''according to the local
natural disaster coordination office in the West Sumatra district of Solok. Volcanology experts
at the nearby monitoring centre reported that continued eruptions from Mount Talang have
been accompanied by tremors that were shaking nearby areas.
09.00 UTC: There was new panic on Wednesday as a volcanic earthquake struck
Talang at 10:00 am (0300 GMT), causing many to rush out of the buildings, mosques
and schools that they have been sheltering in since evacuating their villages.

Talang volcano on Sumatra island erupted on Tuesday sending hot ash high into the air and
forcing the evacuation of hundreds of villagers.

The eruption was accompanied by a string of moderate earthquakes that rattled towns in
Sumatra, which is still recovering from massive Dec.26 quake and tsunami on its northern end.

Vulcanologists said they could not confirm whether lava had actually spewed out. But smoke
had billowed up to 1,000 meters (3,280 ft) high from the volcano's crater and ash had
traveled up to 12 km (7.5 miles) away. Other reports say that Talang volcano sent ash to
8,000 m asl (25,000 ft.)

Indonesia’s President depart Jakarta Air Force Base at 10:00 am to Padang, to visit
Sumatra volcano refugees. Latest report said that the more than 27,000 people had been
evacuated from villages surrounding the Talang, at Solok district of West Sumatra province.
The number is likely to increase because there are many others who have not been evacuated.

Official has also raised the alert level on Wednesday as the mountain's activity intensified.




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