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The text on these pages are taken from US Geologic Survey and several other WEB-sites,
but what I hope is to present this material - and all this information -in a way
'ordinary people' may understand it, not at least including my self.

 So far I have learned that people know quite a lot about very little, and a little about
very, very much. So I have pointed out that we know very little about what is going on -
upon and inside this planet Earth. Science still has a lot to learn, and meanwhile
all those specialized persons disagree about a lot of themes - and we -
'the ordinary people' - are jus wondering, waiting for the next scientific development.

Discussion about the plate-tectonics theory is going on, and still noone can give
a true answer to how great mountainranges are formed. Yes, the theories are there,
and they are many.

When you then start reading on the pages on this site, to gather information, I just
have to point out - very strongly - that the information science has let out so far,
is purely what they believe is true to day - and there are a lot of theories -
and tomorrow it might well be something else. 

 "The Chronology one has learned to use when it comes to geological
developments (in universities abroad) are incorrect when it comes to explain the
forces - constructive as destructive - that has formed - and still forms Iceland.
What other places has lasted for thousand of years, may here be done in centuries.
Still one wonders when you come to the island of Surtsey, as the same development
only takes a few weeks, yes, even a few days here.
  From the book 'SURTSEY, the new volcano-island on Iceland.'  by Sigurdur Thorarinsson.

 Nevertheless I do hope you will find my pages interesting, and that it will increase your
appreciation of the fantastic Earth, on which we are set.

And one more point at the end..... there might be a risk that some words, or
the meaning of a sentence, is wrongly translated back and forth between english and
norwegian, and sometimes other languages, too.



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