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Black-headed Gull, Larus ridibundus  

En. Black-headed Gull, Da. Hættemåge, Du. Kokmeeuw, Fi. Naurulokki, Fr. Mouette rieuse,
Ge. Lachmöwe, It. Gabbiano comune, Sp. Gaviota reidora, Sw. Skrattmås


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Black-headed Gull, Larus ridibundus
© Arthur Grosset

© Arthur Grosset
This photo shows that, in summer plumage, the head is dark brown rather than black.
The other features of note are the bright red legs and the red bill with dark tip.

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The Black-headed Gull only acquires its black head during the breeding season.
As the next photo show, out of the breeding season it has a white head with a prominent dark ear spot
as well as a dark smudge running vertically through the eye.

© Arthur Grosset

The Black-headed Gull breeds from south Greenland through Iceland and Europe into Asia.
Over most of its range it migrates south to Africa and southern Asia during the northern winter
but in Britain it is largely resident throughout the year while some immigrants from northern
Europe overwinter here.

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