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It all started one beautiful sunny day in the end of October, actually on the 25th.
On our way down to the beach, we passed these tasty berries on our way.
They are supposed to be there in the middle of August.....

Yes, it was a beatutiful day, with the sun shining on the fallen leaves.
Temperature this morning was only around 2° Celcius.

But neverthe less, even as autumn was over long time ago (by the end of September...)
we still found live colourful flowers in the field.
This was obviously really going to be a strange day.

Next surprise was not far away. This was defenitely not a lumberjack's work.


And there were not only one tree on the ground around here.
Well, we knew there were beavers in our county, but not here.....

ARKive video - Eurasian beaver felling trees for dam and lodge building
Eurasian beaver, Castor fiber, felling trees for dam and lodge building
Green Umbrella Ltd., Bristol

Down on the beach there were true signs of activity.
According to our nature-book, the beaver takes branches of leaves
and drag them down to the beach to eat.
Looks like someone has had a good meal here.

Soon after we found two of the paths there had been quite a traffic lately.
Where did they lead to?

There it was. A true beaver-hut on the waterfront, right by where we live.

From here we could really see how broad the path down the hut now was.
This couple, yes - we believe it must be a whole family,
has been really active dragging down branches and timber this way.

Notice the two big pieces to the left of the hut.
Where do they find them?

While wondering, one of the beavers suddenly showed up some few meters out in the water.
Of course, I did not get my camera in position soon enough to get a good picture.
But we will come back. That is for sure.

Following the biggest path upward, we could see how they had dragged down timber.

Here is one of the footprints we found up along the path.

Here there are true signs of how they have cut a tree into several smaller pieces
before dragging them down to their hut.

Here is another example.

Here is the one they are working on right now.
Will check in again in a few days to see what has happened.

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