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Birds III
Fugler III

Traffic this winter, February 2007, is heavy.

Trafikken på fodringsplassen i år er stor (februar 2007)

23.03.08.  Quite a few Canada-geese stay here all winter.

09.04.2008.  They are coming now, all of them. Here the dowes.


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27.03.2008 - 14.05.2008.  The Canada-goose is back, too.

05.06.2008.  We put up three boxes for the birds this year,
and were happy to have at least two of them inhabited
Great Tit, Parus major
, (Kjøttmeis eller Tertitt in norwegian).

Here the Tit comes out after having fed the babies.
It's going fast, and they make several trips during the day -
often with only seconds between each visit.



28.08.2008.  We have had this fellow, probably a  Common Buzzard,  Buteo buteo, visiting us this autumn.
In fact, we have seen up to 4 birds at the same time.

No doubt there is a lot of food here, as we still have the 500 greenfinches....

about a 100 dowes, and some sparrows etc,

not to forget about 50 Canada geese, all almost daily.

One day we even had a Grey Heron, Ardea cinerea, coming up from the lake.

01.09.2008.  This poor goose came along with about a dozen others, flying in from south,
only a few feet above ground, when it suddenly hit some electricity-wires,
and fell right down onto the ground. But after some 10 minutes, it flew after the others. 


03.09.2008.  While writing this, my wife called - the Buteo buteo was just outside our garden,
feeding on some unknown animal.

correction to the number of dowes above...

The dowes are just becoming more and more, now they are close to 500 in this flock.

In our garden here in Telemark.
Been with us all summer, feeding on flocks of 500 greenfinches.

I hagen hos oss he Telemark. En flittig gjest i hele sommer,
der den har forsynt seg bra av flokker på opp til 500 grønnfinker.



Ready for a new season again.
Rovfuglene er på plass i år også

September 2011 - They were here again....

They stayed a few days, but they were not alone....

At times we had up to 50 Canadageese resting in the fields around our house.

And a single Grey Goose, with a bad leg.


over 250


over 500


over 225
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