Our Beautiful World

ICELAND 2004  

The Midnight sun

It was such a beautiful night so we decided to stop by and watch the sun go down.

Doing some birdwatching at first, then we went to our car
for a late dinner. Midnight was still long ahead.

Back again at half past eleven. The sun was still far to the left of Mánáreyjar

(which I belive means 'Moon Islands'?)
However, we now recalled there was something called 'summertime',
and that ment that the sun was at least one hour behind scedule...

However, the light was changing all the time.
With rainshowers and a dark sky over the mainland behind us,
the colours were fascinating as the sun moved on.

The sun hit the sea (horizon) at 00:20, and believe it or not,
it did not disapperar til 30 minutes later, at 00:50!
Note the distance from
We just thought it would never go down.

So we went off, and found a campingsite at Ásbyrgi where we arrived at 02.00.
By the way, the sun came back again at 01.45.


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