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  Once again we are heading for a lonely beach,

this time on the island of Lanzarote. We presume you have already been
with us to Fuerteventura, if not, we invite you to join us on that trip also.

To get started, we do as usual - we get a good map of the island, but this
time we are familiar with the geography, so we turn the map around, and
look at the citymap of Puerto del Carmen.

Duration? From an hour to a whole day, depending on your condition....

If you stay in the wrong end - up near the airport, jump on a bus. Costs you
only 50 pence, or about 200 Ptas. Leave the bus in the central part of Puerto
del Carmen (by the post-office) and start walking. Just follow the road down
to the harbour, and up the stairs to the right of the famous red restaurant -
and you are on your way.

You will soon find yourself walking high up on the cliffs, and don't try to jump
into the water yet, the coast here is called COSTA RISCO, which means it
is a bit risky...

In the middle of this picture you can see the tops of the masts belonging to the
many sailboats in Puerto Calero, where we will arrive after about half an hour
In the meantime we have to cross one canyon, but as far as I know, everyone
who tried, did show up again on the other side.

The 'buldings' you can see on the beach are small huts built by 'natives'.
They used to be populated by families from the island during weekends, but
since criminality belongs to those days of today, the navy - who owns the
coastline - ordered them to be removed. And they surely are now.  

On your way out, right after you crossed that canyon, and I do hope
you are still walking up
on the edge, and not down by the sea...
you pass over a cave. A little further ahead, it is possible to climb
down to the water's edge, and then walk back again. This can be
an exciting experience. Especially if you do it just before high tide
comes in. Then you have to stay in the cave for the next 6 hours,
and then, if you are lucky - it starts blowing up and you are stuck.
That will truly be a thrilling experience!

Now we are at Puerto Calero, where the sailboats headed for
America, mainly West-India on their way from Europe, are coming
in for their last supplies before the open Atlantic Ocean.

If you like looking at boats - here is the place... Also would like to
mention that it is here you book for a trip down under the surface -
here you find the Yellow Submarin, ready to take you out
for an unforgetable adventure.

But as we are heading still for a beach, you can take that trip
another day, just bookmark this page... or click here for the
Yellow Submarine.

Several nice restaurants are situated in the harbour area, but wether you
wish to have your lunch here or not, we are going on...

Up again, on top of the cliffs we now have another half an hour to walk,
in a landscape quite deserted. Only gras, green or brown, depending on
how much rain has fallen lately. In 1997 it really was raining, and
people told us that they saw flowers some of them never before had
seen. They just come up when the ground is wet.

Ahead of you here lies the small fishing village of Playa Quemada.
There are also two or three small restaurants, and of course their
main offer is fish. Grilled fish. And tasty fish, indeed.

By the way, and I really mean 'by the way', there are a few openings
down to the sea, and you might have nerves to climb down. I know there
are two or three fine smaller beaches. No sand, but still beaches.
We have enjoyed them. Also a few caverns in between, and during the
summer you might see campers lightening their candlelights at night.

Hope you don't have sore feet yet, because we are only half way from
our destination yet. Time is about noon, since we started from our
hotel after breakfast between 9 and 10 in the morning.

Guess you didn't notice that zig-zagging road on the other side of
Playa Quemada! After climbing up the hill from Quemada, and down
again on the other side, you will have it..

Of course, when tide is low, and the weather is fine, you may walk
along the water-edge as well, and join the fine sandy beach there.
So, after a short dive in the water, we walk on...

As you can see here, there is nothing wrong with the beach down
at the left side, but you have to take a breath or two while
climbing this hill. However, it is allowed to take a break when
you are half way up.....

Bring your camera, too. You might meet one or two goats here also.

When temperature is above 30°C, go back to Puerto Quemada and
have a beer. Then try to get back to Puerto del Carmen later in the
afternoon when sun is not so strong. But don't forget that when the clock
is 18.00 the sun disappears suddenly, and you are left alone in the dark.

So, if the temperature is right, we start again after a short break...

You are beeing rewarded. What a lovely view from up there!
Playa Quemada is the nearest village, and then in the bay behind,
you can imagine the sailboats in Puerto Calero, and way back,
almost disappearing in the sea, the white houses of Puerto del Carmen.

But there still is the climbing down on the other side, before we
come down to a 400m wide beach, and I would suppose that the chances
that you are left alone here for the next hour, is rather high.....

Although it is possible to get here by car, but then - where is the fun?

Well, what did you expect here? We must have some privacy....
Anyway, was nice having you with us here on the net -
but we might wish to be left alone when walking down there
on the wonderful and beautiful island of Lanzarote.
Thanks anyway for joining us!

End of Story

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