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LANZAROTE - Our Holdiay Island ! 

Ever been under the surface of the sea? NO?
Here you have an opportunity of a lifetime!
The Yellow Submarine pictured above takes you out from Puerto Calero
every day, for an hour underwater adventure - and that is exactly
what it is!

The clarity of the waters and marine life around the island of Lanzarote makes
a dive with the Yellow Submarine a truly once in a life time experience. As soon as you
leave the harbour of the old fishing village of Puerto Calero, you go underwater.
During the next hour the submarine takes you along the outer side of the harbour,
and shows you what the sea life is like close to the 30 meter high wall that sorrounds
the harbour. When at the end, it turns around, and all passengers on the oppsite side
are able to enjoy the same view - as most fishes are swimming close to the wall.

Also, somewhere along the submarine stops, and while lying on the bottom of the sea,
somewhere between 25 and 30 meters below the surface, a diver comes down from the
follow-up vessel on the surface, and starts feeding the fishes. And you can be sure
there are fishes. Hundreds of them, thousands really. Small yellow and black fishes,
red fishes, larger fish of all different kinds, and probably also some barracudas
in between, about a meter long each. Also, if you keep a close eyes on the stones
forming the wall, you might be able to see a head coming out here and there, showing that
even larger fishes are around. In the waters around the Canarian Islands there are
also turtles swimming about, but they were somewhere else when we visited.


Even as we felt at first it was a lot of money to pay for such a trip, we were
happy we take the dive. It was really a one in a lifetime experience.

The price? As per November 2000, the cost is 6.900 Ptas each,
half price for children. (About 26 Pounds in UK, or US $ 37,-).

But you sit well, and you have a wonderful view of what's going on outside, and
yes, it is true that the waters here are clear, and that there is fish in the sea....


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