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Here is Saturday's story, so far forecast is for a cloudy day.

Not much to write about though..
Quiet to day. Went around the streets of the city of Mahon, looked into shops, bought some postcards og donuts.
Lunch at home, then the shoppingcenter where we bought our food for the rest of the time here.
Afternoon was spent painting and crosswording.
Thought would have dinner out in a restaurant for once, but so it rains again.
That was all about Saturday.

Made dinner for ourselves, and our kitchen is after all the best.

It rains. We are having a quiet day in the hotel:


We do some more painting: :

See more here about how we get time to go when weather is bad, or we need a quiet day off.
By the way, we got hold of a beautiful postcard, showing the city of Mahon and its sorroundings:

Photo: © Juanjo Pons, Triangle Postals.

Text in norwegian: "Her bo vi" - Thats where our hotel is.
"Her velger vi vei...." - Here we choose between the roads to ......

Out bicycling again....
To day we went to Es Castell, about 4 kilometers south for our hotel. You can see it on the postcard above.
It is the settlement on the right side of the fiord, a bit up (out) for the city of Mahon.

We had a stop on a bench down at the harbour.l (Our bicycles out to the right on the picture).

so we continued down the coast to a small place called Cala Sant Esteve

This was close to the opening of the fiord, and of course there also was an old fortress out here.

It didn't look as the right place to go swimming, but that was not why we came out here to day. To day we are just "tourists".

Some of the gardens were really beautiful. Yes, sping has come to Menorca.

The island was made up by volcanoes once, so lots of lavacliffs around..

Menorca is well known for all the small fiords cutting the coast.
They are called "Cala", and often there are a white sandy beach in the bottom of them.
We will get to such one later.


When we got back to our hotel, we had 15 kilometers behind us.
That was Sunday.
Monday morning comes with clouds and rain, but after a few hours, clouds are lighter.
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