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Day 05

A new day arrives, and we (?) had to do some bedding and cleaning before breakfast.

Vega had a lot of surprises for us. First of all, we experienced the tide coming - and leaving.
On the picture above it's low water, and when the sea returns, you can enjoy a nice swim.
But Vega is more than that:

Beautiful white sandbeaches, and a nature to walk around.

We went a marked footpath up through the wood - and soon the hill -
and after about an hour with wood and flowers and berries to eat,
we found the most idyllic beautiful lonesome sandbeach we have ever seen.,
Didn't take a minute to jump into the sea here....


and lots of other flowers.

All things come to an end - and also our visit to Vega.
But we are quite sure it will not be the last time we visit Vega.

A lot of good memories are carried with us as we leave this beautiful island.

On our way up to Sandnessjøen, we had the '7 Sisters' mountains on our right side.
Too big to fit in the picture, so we had to split it up.....

....so here somes the second part of the Sisters.....

©1999 by Otto and Mechtild Reuber

'Sju søstre' as they are called in norwegian - or Seven Sisters,
a range of 7 mountains peaking from 910 m asl to 1072 m asl.
More info in german here: http://www.reuber-norwegen.de/Rv17SyvSoestreInfo.html

Seven Sisters, as seen from the harbour on the island of Engan.
© http://home.online.no/~bkla/syvs1.htm

More from Sandnessjøen and it's surroundings here:
http://home.online.no/~bkla/album.htm (not active as per Sept. 2010)

Next is one of the small surprises you get when you go by car in Norway...:

No, it's not the bridge. There are plenty of them, even as this is No. 10 in length in Norway.
It's called Helgelandsbroen and is 1.075 m long.
Then, what's so surprisingly? The toll you had to pay to cross it...
NOK 82,-, or about 10 Euros or 12 US $.

Time for another sunset, with the island of Dønna (Doenna) in the background.

and a close-up few seconds later....

And so we were in for another surprise.
Down a small side-road, we parked off the road, just a few meters above the sea,
as you can see to the left of our car. Ready for a morning-plunge.
But you never know the day till the sun comes up......

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