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Day 06

As we said by the end of day 5, we stopped right by the shore, ready for a morning dive.
What we forgot was that the tide is very effective here, and when we woke up to a new day,
we were not at all by the shore any more.....
But never mind, we were ready for new adventures again.

The weather was not the best, so we decided to take it easy.
We had some 60 kilometers to drive to catch a ferry from Kilboghamn to Jektvik.

We didn't see much on the way owing to rainy and foggy weather.

Kilboghamn and the ferry. Not so many cars waiting while we stayed there.
© From 'A trip through Rødøy' - in norwegian.

It was at this time we had to wait an whole hour and a quarter, so to keep time going,
we went out to the left of the place to see if we could find something interesting.

The slopes of the hill were covered with flowers and small bushes, and not to easy to walk around,
but as we could not go down to the shoreline, it was too steep down there, we had no other choice.
Anyway, we enjoyed the trip, and had a cup of coffee before we returned,
and then suddenly I had to keep my left foot from going all the way down on the ground:

This little creature, whatever it was.
If you click on the picture, may be you are able to identify it - and if so, I'd like to know!

From there about 40 kilometers to the foot of the Svartisen Glacier.

The next big attraction was the 'Svartisen', or 'The Black Ice Glacier',
coming up in front during the evening mist.

Here the glacier comes right down by the fiord, the lowest tongue from a glacier in Europe.

Svartisen is Norway's second largest glacier and consists of 2 main glaciers,
Østisen (East Glacier) and Vestisen (West Glacier). One arm of the West Glacier,
Engenbreen (Engen Glacier) is the lowest lying glacier on the European mainland at
about 5 m above sea level. Today the glacial arm continues all the down to
Engenbrevannet Lake, as a result of rapid growth the last years.
According tothe Norwegian Water and Energy Department (NVE) the glacier has
advanced 40 m in just the last year alone! (i.e. from autumn 1997 til summer 1998).
When you drive along RV17 through Holands Fjørd you can see many arms of the glacier
that stretch down between the mountain peaks.
To come into Engen Glacier take a 10-15 minute boat ride from Holand,
an absolute must for capturing the full experience.
http://www.meloyinfo.no/english/svartisen.htm (Not valid as per Sept .2010)

As we wanted to see more of the glacier in some better daylight, we hit our bed for the night.

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