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Day 10 and 11   

Svolvaergeita (=the Svolvaer goat) is the natural goal of any climber going to Lofoten. First climbed in 1910, climbers on the goat are now probably as exciting as fishes in the sea to the locals. For visitors however, it is a very fun and exposed climb - a must do.

The goat is seen from all over the town. It is about 150 m up the the actual pinnacle, which in turn is another 150 m high.

© Ravi Kappel
If you ever dare to make it, you'll have a wonderful sight of Svolvær below.
However, don't try to jump if you are not used to that kind of sport.....

info about Svolværgeita found at <http://www.mai.liu.se/~maallofoten/geita.html>

(Not valid as per Sept .2010)

Hadsel bridge, Stokmarknes. 1.011 m long.
Between Hadseløya and Langøya in Vesterålen.

A few kilometers North of Sortland City, we came over to Andøya.
This is a 50 km long narrow island, going just about North-South, with a hill/mountainrange in the middle.
On both sides, there are quite a bit of flat land between the mountains and the sea,
and on top the island, there are several white sandy beaches.

Just north of Bleik on Andøya we find a place beside the road for the night.
On the other side of the road, down the sanddunes, you have a very, very, very long white sand-beach,
but someone doesn't like cars to drive down that way.....

Think about this a warm and quiet summerday!

Day 11

Queueing for the ferry from Andenes (in the background) to the island of Senja.

Leaving Andenes and the dark clouds are splitting up. May be the sun will start shining?

We told you before that the land between the mountains and the sea were quite flat, didn't we?
If you don't believe us, ask anyone in Andenes City!

Half an hour later, Senja is coming out of the mist, but it still looks quite rainy over there......

As we get closer, the weather changes rapidly, and the first part of Senja is in the sun again.
A lucky fisherman is on his way out, and the seagulls are following.

Out port of destination, Gryllefjord, a small village on the rough coast of Senja.
Clouds are still hanging heavily over inner of the island.

Did you notice the mountaintops above the village on the previous picture?

Few minutes later we have rounded the fiord and are moving up towards the mountainpass
which is only about 170 m asl, but it gives us a wonderful view of Gryllefjord and the peninsula outside.

Everything ready for a barbeque. What has forced us to make that?
Optimism. And an hour fishing in another maelstrom, although not as heavy as Saltstraumen.


Not bad after an hour with no bites, except for another family whom only fished for the fun of it,
so somehow we can still say 'we caught fish'.....
Nevertheless it tasted excellent, and we enjoyed a late night-meal.

and that brings us to the end of another fine day

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