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Day 12 and 13   

Some times a waterfall begins way up in the mountains - click to see where it goes!

Time for some cleaning before breakfast again....

Birtavarre Gruver

One hundred years after they stopped mining - it still looks like this.

Some words I recall says that the old Babylon will never be rebuild. Does it look like this?

One of Europe's largest canyons goes through this area of old mines.

The Lyngen-horse, one of the three original norwegian horse-races.
It comes from this area. Here from Kåfjorddalen, a few kilometers down the valley from the mines.


Last stop before 'Summer on 70° North'

Day 13

Destination reached after 13 days and 2.435 kilometers.
We have met our grandchildren and are ready for the boat to 'Summer on 70° North'.

And there it comes - our summerparadise....

....and here we are.
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'Summer on 70° North'

and then come back and join us on our trip back to home - through Finland and Sweden - just 4 more days...
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