Our Beautiful World

Day 22   

The next morning the sun was still shining at least up to 8 AM.
So a dip in the lake, breakfast and coffee, and we were ready for the final part.

We also reached another place where we usually stop, and still no rain....

Back in Norway again, and another day with rain.

Heavy rain.....

but luckily - not all the time............

and that's it, folks!

We would like to say it is not always that bad.
The next year (2004) we went north again, and not too far from Elverum,
on our way to the Swedish border inside Trysil, we stayed overnight:

A lovely place, all by ourselves.

After a peaceful night, we were ready for a new day....

....and wre greeted Good Morning by these Canada-geese.

But one thing was just as before...

The road in Norway was just as jammed by traffic as always

But you could also find roadsides like this, and that made us happy again.

and so, that's finally it, folks!

Hope you enjoyed it, even as it was a very long journey.
Let's hear from you if you want more info, or just want to tell us you liked it (?).

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