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Day 21   

The next day brought some excitement in the morning,
as we passed some reindeer.

Normally we meet several deer on our way to and from Northern Norway
through Sweden, but this year they might have been on their own holiday. We didn't see them.

So this was about all we saw most of the time, till we got further south and into the woods.

The next year (2004) gave us some more fun:

We met them all the time, but most of then off the road.....

Sometimes only one at a time, sometimes two, and one time.....

....this fellow here, which seems to be an albino.

And finally this cute little one drinking milk from his mother.
But I got so excited that my hands shivered, and therefore it's not a clear photo.

See more of the reindeer on our next trip to Lapland: click here!


For the rest of the day - well, we don't really want to talk about it.....
Distance to day 770 kilometers.

This is what we did not see during our trip in 2003, the following are from July 2004:

The roadside were covered with flowers.


Thousands of them - all colours - and we loved them all.
And so did Carl von Linné, who put the following Psalm on the front of one of his books:

O JEHOVA! Quam ampla funt opera Tua!
Quam ea omnia sapienter fecisti !
Quam plena est terra possessione tua!
Psalm.CIV 24
From the Title Page of  'SYSTEMA NATURÆ', 1735 edition
by Carl von Linné   

Late night at a Nature Camp, which means that here you have to care for yourself.
You put 40 SEK (equal to 5 Euros or 6 US$) in a box at the entrance.
You may use the lavatory, which means a very small house.
Nothing else except lots of space to camp on.
One of the good things about Sweden.

But the lake outside the camp is beautiful, and so is the weather when it stops raining....
and so are many other places along the road, as we found them the next year:

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