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Skagen, Denmark  
Flora, way up North, late in October
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Sea rocket (Cakile maritima)
It is nearly unbelieveable that way out here on the coast, right by the tide-line,
you can suddenly find such a large beautiful plant - one of the very last days of October!

Mouse-ear-hawkweed, Pilosella officinarum (Hieracium pilosella)

We just can't figure out how they manage to keep it going, extending the summer....


Sea-buckthorn (Hippophaë rhamnoides).

This bush with orange berries love the light, and where else do you find so much light
as here on Skagen?
Thats one reason so many painters have come here, because of the light.
This plant also like salt in the air, and it grows all over, also in the sanddunes.
It is flowering during May and June, then come the berries, which remain on
the bushes during most of the winter.
Birds like the berries, and there seem to be enough for all of them here.
Text from : http://www.skov-info.dk/haefte/13/kap10.htm

If you look once more on the larger picture of the Sea-buckthorn above,
you can find this tiny little plant down to the right on the picture.
That is an xxx now flowering at the end of the year, even as most flowers now have
been changed to seed

The Sea-buckthorns really are dominating the landscape,
with their strong orange colored berries.

But even with the Sea-buckthorns to lighten up, so the final impression was
an even more colorful and stimulating experience.

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Weasel's-snout (Antirrhinum orontium) - another lone flower, hidden in the wood

Ellekrattet, a natural forest-area just west for the tip (top).
Here the government let everything grow without help or restrictions.
Of course, that is a wonderful place for the birds, all year round.
During our visit, a large bird of prey sat in the top of a nearby tree, waiting for us.
But obviously not for the 'photographer' himself.....

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...finally a small Broom-flower (Cytisus scoparius) hanging there all alone....
This one we found by the 'Gyvelstien' (Broom-path) in the middle of the 'Klitplantasjen'
(the Western path on the map on our main-page)
Along this path you will find different kinds of trees, all of them drawing
attention from large crowds of birds during all seasons

If you feel for wandering around in the area close to Skagen,
there should be no reason for waiting for the summer to come.
Here the nature is beautiful and interesting - all the year long.

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