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From 70° to 71° North - by Car


Baatsfjord view.

As usual it is always interesting to drive around up here north.
Just like in southern parts, the beaches up here are crowded during the summertime.

And we have the flowers up here, too.
They are not overwhelming, but they are pretty, though.

Berlevåg (Berlevaag - aa is equal to å, and is pronounced 'au' as in Audrey Hepburn....)
in the background as we get closer to this lonesome town.

We had to start thinking when we saw this roadsign.
Well, as people up here had no other places to go, they just had to make signs
showing WHERE they COULD go to.
All places are out in the Ocean....and distance given in nautical miles...

They are afraid of the weather up here,.....

and have made these 'rocks' to protect the harbour during stormy weather.
And believe me - when it is storm here, they really do have a storm.

Meanwhile, the harbour is quiet, and the birds like swimming around.

No, they are not all swimming birds. This one likes to sit here to singalong.

Another unidentified bird-.

So, on we go again, and still impressed by the variety of landscapes.

They have some rare stones up here, or is it an egg from some unknown bird?

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