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The Bubble

Before we say anything more, we have to warn you.
It is way up the hill.....but not impossible.
So, when you come to Bognelv, at the bottom of Langfjorden (Longfiord), stop at the Campingplace, and ask for the way up.
You can drive a bit, and then you have to walk (climb), but it is safe to walk up there.

At the head of the Bognelvdalen valley in
Langfjordbotn, a great river emerges from the
ground. It is called “The Bubble” and is a beautiful
subterranean spring. A beautiful place with a strange river.
Already in 1700 a tourist attraction, but not visited by many people yet..
The river enter the mountain higher up and comes out with high pressure down in the bubble.

During springtime, when all rivers in Norway are more than full,
the water splashes up more than a meter (
3 feet) in the air at this point


From thje pond where the water comes up, it divided into to small rivers. One dissappears more or less in the wood,
the other one, which is larger, rushes down and out the hillside a little further down.

All this water makes the valley green and beautiful.

We belive the old river came down at the center of the picture, while the new onw from the 'bubble'
is now a bit more to the left.

Well worth a trip, but take your time...

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