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Kvalsund bridge,


On our way back from Hammerfest to the main road, E6, again, we had to cross this bridge.
The strait below the bridge is only 400m at the most narrow point.
The stream here runs at 1.8 meter per /second
Effektiv strømhastighet på lokasjon er 1,8 m/sek.
It is 50 m at the deepest. Ships passes by often.
Lots of fish attracts fishermen and sport-fishing people.
Sea-animals as seals and whales are common.

So what?
80 meters from the bridge, and across the strait, they started building a tidewater-mill energy plant in 2002,
with up to 20 mills.
Maximum speed of the water could be as high as 2,5 m/sec, ideal for such a plant -
and will give energy that can be used as an alternative, and give the producers knowledge
about how such plants will work.

Streammills on the bottom of the strait.

Environment - you can see one of the mills in the background (center).
Both pictures above © Hammerfest Strøm

We really enjoy driving on the roads up here north -
new surprise whenever you rounds a new curve on the road

Some times there is a BIG surprise coming up....

Places like this are countless in Finnmark. And we love them.
Just a little further up the tiny stream, we found a lovely place to have a real bath.
That's why we dont have a shower in the car. The outdoor one is much better.

Every morning you are sure to wake up, if you go down by the seaside and let yourself into the water.

Notice our car in the center of the picture. Nice place for a day in the sun.

And in the evening when the sun is about to set, ....

...its time to prepair for dinner.

No problem when you bring a perfect cook to the place....

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