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Trollholmsund - Dolomites


Another beautifuyl morning - and off we went to see something extraordinary.... 


We always find it fascinating when nature shows its best...
And we get a feeling this also will be a wonderful day.

They say that those rock-formations were created about 2.000 years ago.
Since then they have been eroded down to today's size.
However, they don't say how they got there....

The Trollholmsund dolomite contains calcium and magnesium that enable many plants
to grow apparently straight from the rock.

Anyway, if you have a little bit of fantasy, you should be able to have an interesting day.

Just look at this one - where did he come from?
No wonder people in earlier times thought these were 'trolls' that didn't reach to hide before sunrise....

It's rather funny to touch, and easy to help erosion by napping out a bit,
which we are not allowed to do. This is a National Park, and should be left as such.

The water around this place was as clear as we have never seen before.
Here are som inhabitants of the sea.
In the morning-sun, they soon got company by two larger creatures....

Seems to be a place for the rein-deer. Vegetation was something special,
and gave good ground for the rein-food.

It takes about a quarter of an hour to walk down here from the entrance,
but it is well worth that time, and much more.

Reinrose -
Dryas octopetala
Even as it looks deserted, there are many flowers around. You just have to look for them.

Dryas octopetala
We were out too late to see what kind these had been.

We could have been here forever, but new adventures awaiting ahead of us.

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