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Jøkelfjorden - Øksfjordjøkulen - Glacier


Deep in the bottom of Øksfjord, one arm of the great Glacier calfs right down on the beach.
This Glacier, the Øksfjordjøkulen, is 41 square kilometer, the ninth largest in Norway,
and the No. 1 in Finnmark.


You can get here by taking off from the E6, hte main road from North to South, in Norway.
You take off the the left at Altaeidet, and go to a place called Saltnes, - 3 or 4 kilometers to drive.
You park at the end of the road, and start walking.

It is not at all difficult in the beginning. You follow a well prepared path, even with 'bridges' above the small rivers.

Bakkesøte (Gentianella campestris), Seldom North of Lofoten.
Watch out for all the different flowers out here!

After a while it gets a bit more rocky. When we passed here, we heard, and saw?, some kind of
an eagle up there among the trees. However, to far away.

Småsøte, (Gentianella tenella)  
As I said, watch out for the flowers!!

Just around the next wall of stones, and we would have been there at the end of the glacier.
Signs told us, however, that we were leaving the safe path, and might go on further only at our own risk.
As this was the beginning of our trip, we turned back from here.

But still we were close enough to have some good pictures of the glacier!

More flowers, and a visitor on this one....

On our way back, the fiord was absolute calm, and as the temperature in the sea was at least 10 ° C,
we just had to jump out and get refreshed after a long walk in the sun.

This is a view out towards the ocean.

And way back there, you can see the tops of the Kvænangstindan

A last look before we leave, and go on further north.

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