Active volcanoes / Aktive vulkaner:

Changbaishan - China
Baekdu - Korea N.

Baekdu Mountain, also known as Changbai Mountain in Chinese, is a volcanic mountain on the border between China and North Korea, located at 42°00'24?N, 128°03'18?E. At 2,744 m, it is the is the highest mountain of the Changbai
Mountains to the north and Baekdudaegan to the south. It is also the highest mountain in Korea and Manchuria.

The Korean name, Baekdu-san, means "white-headed mountain". The Chinese name, Changbai Shan and Manchu name, Golmin Šanggiyan Alin both means "perpetually white mountain".

One of the highest crater lakes in the world, called Chonji (Lake Tianchi), lies at the top of the mountain.

Changbai/Baekdu is a relatively poorly known, but volcanologically significant volcano straddling the China/Korea
border. A 5-km-wide, 850-m-deep summit caldera is filled by scenic Lake Tianchi (Sky Lake).

One of the world's largest known Holocene explosive eruptions took place from Changbaishan about 1000 AD,
depositing rhyolitic and trachytic tephra as far away as northern Japan and forming in part the present caldera.
Minor historical eruptions have been recorded since the 15th century.

November 17th, 2010
A NNW deep earthquake strike belt, with source depth between 500-600km, is situated 250-300km northeast
to the volcano. In February this year, there was an earthquake here, size 6,9 on Richter's scale.
When looked at across a span of 5 years there can be seen a relationship with clusters of seismic events grouped at
a small time scale (in the order of a few years) which signal a precursor to impending eruptive events.
Now, a south korean volcano-expert has warned that the volcano could explose/erupt sometime around 2014 and 2015.

This message, which has been circulating in the press, now also the world-press, has lead to panic amongst people living close to the volcano. Some have already moved to other places far away.

The biggest immediate threat is the 2 million tons of water in the lake on top of the crater.
The eruption of Changbai/ Baekdu volcano would likely cause severe flood damage, engulfing roads and homes
within a 30 kilometer-radius in just 3 hours and 20 minutes, a report found on Monday.

Scientists in China say that the Tianchi volcano in Changbai Mountain in Jilin Province, which sits near China's border
with North Korea, is not likely to erupt anytime soon as some believe. However, that's not stopping the public from
panicking about the potential of ash and fire spilling into their homes. This is most probably a result of the big interest
there have been in news-medias after the eruption of Eyjafjell on Iceland earlier this year, that almost stopped all
airtraffic in Europa.

So far there are no other signs of a coming eruption, but we will be here with news - if and when....

Meanwhile, we have discovered that there are a beautiful nature in this area, and also a national nature reserve,
so why not take a look at what we find out about this, by clicking here...(it might take som time...)



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