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Tefra - aske

Solid material of all sizes explosively ejected from a volcano into the atmosphere.
Tephra is the general term now used by volcanologists for airborne volcanic
ejecta of any size. Historically, however, various terms have been used to
describe ejecta of different sizes. Fragmental volcanic products between 0.1
to about 2.5 inches in diameter are called lapilli; material finer than 0.1 inch is
called ash. Fragments larger than about 2.5 inches are called blocks if they
were ejected in a solid state and volcanic bombs if ejected in semi-solid, or
plastic, condition.
See: Ash, Lapilli, Blocks, Bombs. and Airborne Lavafragments

 Tefra = gresk, betyr bokstavelig aske.

 All vulkansk masse, untatt gass og lava, hører inn under gruppen tefra, som omfatter alle utbruddsstykker som f.eks.:

aske, sand, grus og stein (lapilli), blokker, bomber, og Pele's hår.


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