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Produced July15th, 2003, and last updated Nov.10th,, 2003

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It just had to be so, after our experience with our bird-watching 'telescope' (out af date...).
We learned how to use it for taking pictures with our new digital camera (Nikon Coolpix 3100).
It's not at all that easy, and a lot of pictures have to be deleted again, but here are some of our first results:

To get started, we have that nice spruce about a 50 meters away, which you see above.
In the evening some birds sometimes show up:

we are still working to have a sharper picture, but there sure is a lot of adjustments and patience involved...

this one was a better shot !

However, there should be no need of feeding the birds now at summertime....

and while waiting for more birds to come, there are also other valuable objects to see:

and as we learn, we are eager to see the moon coming back soon,
a little higher up, and we will have to look for the craters on the moon.....

Bokfink, Fringilla coelebs. (Chaffinch)

Click here for more info from http://www.arthurgrosset.com/europebirds/chaffinch.html

A small Woody Woodpecker

Three at once....


Pica pica in latin...

we are learning, and getting closer, even if the distance is just the same as before...

Sidensvans på trekk sydover først i november...


/ Grønnsisik - Carduelis spinus

Fieldfare / Gråtrost - Turdus pilaris
se også : http://www.steinkjer-kommune.net/eggevandring/byahalla/index.php?art_id=422

Early morning with fog

Early morning with fog near the ground

Januaray 3rd, Early Morning

January 3rd, from our new window in our new home in Telemark, Norway

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