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As the springcomes, it's not only the flowers that give us pleasure.
On the farmland inside the beach of Lake Hornborga, both horses, sheep and cows
are bringing new lives to the world

and so are, of course, the birds.
But most of them, including a hundred swan-nests are way out in the lake.

With the right kind of equipment, you can still enjoy the sight of them..

You can even take rather good pictures throug your binoculars
even though it took me a lot of testing before I finally could make a picture:

After having tried this unusual method, I am eager to see what else to catch this way

Another shot through the binoculars, this was a close-up, so I did not -
for some unknown reason, get the round circle this time.
Also looks like I have to be more careful adjusting the lenses...

Even though there are only about 50-200 cranes nestin around the lake,
the other 10.800 have long time ago left for norhtern Scandinavia,
there are still several hundreds (thousands?) geese left.
And, of course, an unknown number of thousands other birds in - and around -
the lake. So to get some more pictures we certainly have to go back again.

©Lennart Fløseth
One picture we did not get - it was to far away, was the: Sivhauk
However, we saw several at different places, so one day...

Not all animals were popular. The moscitoes are also well represented,
but we were lucky. It was not yet the season to eat us up. But what will happen later this summer?

To wind up this session of Nature around Lake Hornborga, we wish to tell you a litlle
of what has been donw to preserve this world famous wetland area.

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