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This is the upper part of Valle Gran Rey (the valley), and we use to
walk up here at least once every time we are here.
The picture is taken from the slopes of La Merica.

Up on one of the hillsides in the upper valley, we found these strange looking rocks,
with several holes in it.

Looks like people used to live in those small caves in earlier days,
and today they have modified them a little.....

It's very hot during the summer on La Gomera, so they use open buses....

How they manage to come down the roads after a heavy rainshower,
we did not find out. But anyway, if you come down here yourself,
don't panic. Just leave the car - nobody will steal it, because they cannot
leave the island without being caught....
May be that's why there are so few criminals on La Gomera?

We also had our traditional tour to La Cascada. We wanted to do it
once more, but during the last two weeks there was too much water
in the river, and that made it impossible.

We use to pass this old house whenever we walk to La Calera,
(the old town), and it is just as beautiful covered as always.
Remember to have seen the picture before?

Again we also made an approach to La Merica, from the foot of the mountain,
but we only made it half way up. That was during the first week, and perhaps
we were not in very good condition. Or could it be the age?

However, the flowers on the way up there were as beautiful as ever.

and so was the view towards El Hierro, the outernmost island of the Canaries.

and again, a wonderful view down to the town. Just behind the flower
in upper center, you have the lagoon.
Still most of the space is occupied by bananaplants. Did you know that
the Canaries first were known as sugarcane producers?
Then came the conchilla, so bananas and finally tourism...

The day before we left, our housekeeper wanted to show us more of
the island, so off we went. Up to the top of the island (about 1.400 m asl),
and off to a small 'road' down towards El Cedro:

It goes like this about a kilometer, then it's just 'normal' off-highway
road á la La Gomera...

....and soon we had to walk further down the valley, following the small river.

and we were soon far into the National Park of Garajonay with the old
laurasilva wood, several centuries old. Long time ago it covered most of
the islands, and even parts of Northern Africa and Southern Europe, as far
east as to Italy.

You're not allowed to get off the path, and do try either -
don't believe you will find your way out again.....

It's a thrilling adventure - both in the dark......

...........and in the light.

Somewhere there in the wood we could even sight the volcano Teide
on the island of Tenerife. What we could not see was the ocean between
the two islands. It should be out there somewhere in the mist.

The last interesting sight was this cliff, called
which it took almost an hour to get around. Up and down the valleys,
even as far as down to the seaside.

and with that we end our trip of our last day on the island in the year 2005.


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