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It came every day just below our apartment, and it wasn't alone either,
at a time as many as 5 of them flew around there.

It took some time to get acquainted to their sound, as they were not only
made cries when they flew, but it seemed like they already had begun their flirtation
- and then the sound was different.
We believe this to be the Falco tinnunculus canariensis,
or just Kestrel or Tornfalk in plain english

That was a new one to us down here. Last year we got to know
another rare bird, the Hoopoe,
but we did not see it this year.

Left: There were, as always, lots of pigeons around. One kind had
beautiful colors, and I wanted to take a proper photo of a pair.
Often only one of them came by, and that one was not even the right kind.
Right: Finally got them, but the wrong way around....

Left: That's better. One is right.
Right: And there they are, both of them, facing my camera. 

You must admit that they are beautiful!

And they liked each other just as much as we did.....

Way down over the harbor another kind kept flying around all the day,
in one big flock from 20 to 50 pigeons at a time.

These were white ones, and when they turned left they were often
impossible to sight. Then when they turned right again, we could see
them all, and even count them, if we counted quick.

Here are two others that visit us regularly, and make a lot of noise...

 Often in top of the great pine, but difficult to catch in flight...

Some times it cooperates and wait until my camera is ready.

Here is another fellow we enjoyed very much. It had such a lovely song.
Even his wife visited us, but she was in a hurry and had no time to wait
for me and my camera.
Thew have a nice name: Sylvia atricapilla, although I feel the male
ought to have a more male-like name... (Blackcap in english).

However, there was competition in singing:

Turdus merula, (blackbird), especially at dawn.

Finally the white egretta again, always down by the seaside (off the lagoon).


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