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Birds - just how many different kinds are
there? At 4 o'clock in the morning
I know about one telling me that the
morning is not too far away. You have
them here in Valle Gran Rey. Oh yes.

Close to our house we also have a very
tall tree. And every morning it is visited
by several different birds. Some of them
are singing, some of them just

Just to the right of the moon is a bird
we didn't expect to find in a tree.....


The egretta seemed to be very comfortable
up here, and we really enjoy it coming.
But it was not the only one up there....
Later on we found it were it belonged.
Near the sea, watching for fish coming up.

The white egretta is one of the most gracious
birds we know, and every day down by the
sea-side we had it accompanying us.

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One day we had another visitor coming by, the grey egretta, which to us are much more common,
as we have it around here in Norway during the summer. Perhaps the same one?

Did I mention a bird that
was screaming?
Well, this one sure did.

Even though it was
difficult to find out what
and where this was at
first, we got very well
acquainted as time went by.

Any time during the day
we could hear it saying
"Here I am, here I am.
Look here! Look here!"

We love birds, and we look for them whereever we are. But this one was really difficult to catch.
However, if you rightclick on this picture, we'll show you where to find it.....


One morning we had another strange visitor coming to our garden when having breakfast.

We had to use our binoculars to figure out what kind this was. Later on we learned a little more about it,
but it was always very silent, so it didn't call us upon each arrival like the parrot did.

  One day having a 'walk-about' in the
mountains (on our way from Arure
up to - and down the Merica mountain)
we heard a strange sound coming from
somewhere up the hills. Three times
booo-booo-booo. First we thought it was
some kind of bells on a goat, then we
gave it up. Till we finally could spot it
right beside the path.....

...and there it was again, up 800 m asl (2.400 feet high), far away from our garden down in the
bottom of the valley. Giving those booo-booo-booos all the time, while putting its head up and
down for each booo. Never seen or heard anything like that.

More about the Hoopoe, click here...
for the sound: click here... (text in dutch)
(txt dansk) http://www.fugleinfo.dk/lex/content.asp?ID=263

What more is there to say about the birds and us?
Every morning they sang in the garden, and there were several different kinds of them.
It was like an orchestra. You have to go there by yourself to understand.
And best part of it - it was all free.....



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