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LANZAROTE - Our Holdiay Island !    


If you have made the trip to Fuerteventura, joining us in our search for a lonely beach,
at https://www.vulkaner.no/t/fuerte.htm, you might have thought that
Fuerteventura was our number one holiday island. The truth is that last year,
there were no places available to Lanzarote when we wanted to go. So we went
to Fuerteventura.

But it is Lanzarote that is our island. And we love it. The water is crystal-clear,
and since we learned how to swim with what-ever-you-call-it in english, and
discovered the fantastic life under the surface, we have had many fine experiences.

Lonely beaches? Well, how many do you wish? They are there, but you either
have to walk or to rent a car. We like to walk. And I will show you one way
to go here https://www.vulkaner.no/t/lanza/tour/tour0.html
and then you will have to go by car to find the others.

By the way, ever heard abouth the island 'La Graciosa'?
If you haven't, then you have missed something.

To recommend beaches to other people, is not an easy thing to do. Wishes and desires are many.
We have found our beaches - you'll have to find yours. But here are some hints:
South on Lanzarote, outside Playa Blanca, you find the Papagayo-beaches (1). They are
famous for their fine white sand, and its position between steep hills.
Costa Teguise has its own 'homemade' beaches - popular for surfers.
Surfing is also popular on the west-coast (3) but be careful bathing over there
as currents under the surface have taken lives.

If you belong to those that must have a car when on holiday, you can find many
småll hidden - and some not-so-well hidden beaches on the northeast coast.(2)
If you stay in Puerto del Carmen, and dislike the crowded life on the beaches there,
and you have no intention following in our footsteps southward, you can walk north
passing the broad beaches on Matagorda, along the coast toward the airport.
It's true that the jetplanes go low here, but on the other hand you are almost alone there...

Anyway, Lanzarote is an island that HAS beaches. Look 'em up!
And if you - by the end of the day - should happen to be far south on the island,
go to El Golfo and dream away while you look at the sun going into the sea!

La Graciosa
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