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(Detail from USGS Volcano-map)

One of the main problems in the Philippines is to get food to all the millions
of people living there. Not everywhere is the nature like the plains of USA,
where you can travel mile after mile, without seeing anything else but
the next cornfield.

Another problem the inhabitants of those lovely islands are the volcanoes.
From time to time they explode and it happens that they are more
dangerous than the people can accept. As when Mt.Pinatubo exploded
in 1991, or when the volcano Mayon erupted at the beginning of this year.

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When the landscape goes up and down like on the picture below, you have
to find out how to get things growing. And so you start working.
And working. And working. And you create one of the wonders of the world.

They are considered one of the wonders of the world., These rice terraces were cut
with simple native tools from the hard mountain rock over many years.
Water is led from one terrace to the next, all the way down.

Luckily they don't have to climb the mountains everywhere they wish to
plant rice. Some other places, as on the next picture from Batad,
it is a bit more friendly.

Photo by Rene Thalmann (Copyrighted)

These terraces are the world famous amphitheater rice terraces of Balad.

Finally we have those places where you can take it a bit more easy,
you don't have to climb at all. May be that is the place
you would prefer for your dream-farm?

A decorative sky with cobolt clouds is reflected in the shallow
waters in the rice paddies being plowed by a farmer, near
Zamboanga City on the island of Mindanao.



Somewhere else on this 'web-site' we have a story about the eruptions
from the Mayon-volcano, and yet another story about the people
living on and around that volcano. But Mayon also have another
side, a more friendly one. The following pictures should give you
an impression of a picturesque nature.

In Legaspi, Albay, stands the world's most perfect cone-shaped volcano

A hut and a city (Legaspi) on each side of the volcano.


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