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 LAugustineook here for more info!

View of the Augustine volcano from the lagune..
Juli 96

Summit of Augustine (left) and the acopalyptic atmosphereon its top. (center))..
And yes, it is possible to land by helicopter, but you certainly has be be sure what you do
- and not at least - where you put it down!!
Juli 96

Beautiful lava ridge on top of the volcano
Juli 96

Lava areal on flanks of Augustine.
Juli 96

Cleveland  Look here for more info!

Photo: U S G S              Photo: Dr. Cathy Cahill.


Juli 96

Katmai  Look here for more info

R. McGimsey, USGS,
July 16, 1990

R. McGimsey, USGS,
July 16, 1990

C. Neal, USGS,
June 4, 1990

C. Nye, Alaska Div. of GGSurveys, August, 1991

Mageik  Look here for more info

Okmok  Look here for more info!

caldera rim 1,073 m asl

Pavlof Pavlof  Look here for more info!

December 11th, 1996

right:Pavlof Sister
(Photo:S. McNutt/AVO)

September 27th, 1996

Novarupta  Look here for more info!

The 80 m high Novarupta, rhyolithe lava dome, which marks the source
of the 1912 eruption. Falling Mountain, another lava dome cut down during the same eruption.
On top of the picture is the Mageik volcanon.

Foto: T. Miller (USGS)

Mt.Redoubt  Look here for more info!


Shishaldin , Unimak Island  Look here for more info!

Photo: USGS

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