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All pictures: Steve JORDI where nothing else said. Please email directt.(english)

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From left to right: Bocca Nueva, North Eastern crater(two pictures) and Valle del Bove.
Mai 90, Mai 90, Okt. 85, Okt. 85

Eruption on the flank of Etna, with lava towards Valle del Bove (No.3 upper row).
You can see the fissure and its white glowing lavaflow.
Scale: With of pictures about 5 km.
Last picture is from Val Calanna, about 7 km from the summit, where the lavaflow
reached the nearby village, down a steep hillside.
Notice the hot-dogs to the left on the last picture!.
Des. 1991

Same view of Etna as above, but at nighttime.
Scale:With of pictures about 5 km.
Des. 1991

Tunnel under 'frozen' lava
Juli 1, 83. Bilder av Dr. Pierre KUNZ


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Various pictures of Stromboli, fumaroles og phosphor-deposits.
Mai 1992. Bilder av Matej Trnkoczy

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Vesuv vies from Napoli (left) and from it's crater.
Sep. 1991


Gorge of Alcantara,(riftzone) South on Sicily. Some beautiful basalt-pillars
Mai 21, 91

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