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What more is there to tell about La Gomera and Valle Gran Rey at this time?
Perhaps a look to the future?

The picture down in the right corner was taken in 2001. Up to 2004 there have only
been two major changes. A new apartment/living area just north (this way) of Vueltas,
(The old towndown by the harbour). And the big project in the harbour, where they are
building what is called 'the largest sailboat-marina' in the Canarian Islands.
We also have been told that they will import some 50 thousand tons of sand from Sahara,
and dump it somewhere on one of the sides in the new harbour, to make an impressing
white sandy beach for the tourists, but we are absolutely not sure this will come through.

At present they are digging and grabbing material from the mountain behind Vueltas
as shown on the next pictures to fill up what is going to be the new harbour.

As you can see, they have already taking quite an amount up the hill-side.

Why not that excavator (steam shovel) fell down from up there, was a question we asked
each other daily. But after 5 weeks it was still up there somewhere. And that was something
giving us respect for the man who sat up there, in what was the largest excavator we have
ever seen. May be he was not so well-educated as a professor, but he sure had learned how
to treat such an engine!

Every 2nd minute a large truck left with rocks and sand heading for the harbour to fill it up.

According to a german magazine (die Süddeutsche), the government are going to change
the infrastructure of La Gomera to prevent people from emigrating. Even though the number of
inhabitants on the Canarian Islands have been doubled during the past 24 years,
La Gomera has experienced a decrease from some 24.000 in 1976 to just 18.000 in 2001.

Coastline showing Puntilla, Borbalan and Vueltas in VGR

Any VGR inhabitant's nightmare

Euros from EEC is going to finance part of this. One of the things they want to do,
is to increase the number of beds for tourists from about 3.000 to somewhere
between 8.000 and 10.000 beds.

Three large 4 stars hotels, each with about 600 beds are planned, but at present noone
understands where such big hotels can be built without destroying what is to day's VGR.

Perhaps they could move some of the new hotels up here?
But again another question arises. Where to put all those tourist when they go out?
VGR is all too small for such a large number of tourists. No?

Or perhaps this one is better, over in the very old town of Calera?

Anyway, whatever they do, VGR is never again to be what it once was.

In the meantime, you better do something wise. How about HABLA ESPAÑOL?

In the old town of Calera, you find this language school, which gives courses in español
on a weekly basis. We joined in for two weeks, and now we think we speak spanish,
although one german lady excused herself by saying she didn't understand french,
when we spoke to her.

From a classroom and the schoolyard.

The school  i.d.e.a is situated in the centre of the village of La Calera, in an old house, built
at the beginning of the XXth century and very close to both sea and accommodation.
They aim to create a relaxed, family atmosphere and to provide everything necessary to make
students feel at home.

Their teachers have been giving Spanish classes in Valle Gran Rey since 1987.
They are, of course, Spanish and are well-qualified and experienced in all aspects of teaching
Spanish as a foreign language.

Classes run throughout the year and consists of small group classes structured according to level
(which means they assess levels with a small test on the first day).
The main levels are:
Elementary I: Absolute beginners.
(But you may have a fair knowledge to the language, and then it goes a bit faster)
Intermediate: Basic knowledge of language and simple conversation
Advanced: Sound grammar and reasonably fluent subjunctive, indefinite, imperfect.

Students may even book accommodation through them for their stay.
Telephone/fax: 00 34 922 805 703
e-mail: idea@spanish-course.com

Now, as you have seen and read our presentation of Valle Gran Rey and part of La Gomera,
its time for some food. And if you haven't tried it before, you should go to the Restaurante
Fu Lin Chino in Lomo La Vuelta and ask for their nr. 86 on the menu:
Pato Asado estilo Pekin / Roast Duck "Pekin" / Gebratener Ente

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