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Knowing that we love flowers, our housekeeper one day brought us these,
which we had on our veranda.

We never got tired looking at them.

They are called 'Bird of Paradise Flower', in latin it is Strelitzia reginae
Read more about this beautiful flowere here!

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
where all over Valle Gran Rey, in more colors than we thougt
was ever possible.
You can see more here.

It always wonder us to see how the leaves of the banaplant comes up.
Tight in a roll, and then within a day or two unfolds.
First time down here, we also saw a banaplant flowering.
We thought we should wait a few days before we took a picture,
so to study what else happened in the banana plantations.
You know what happened to that flower? Neither do I.
But it was at least a marvellous sight.
Anyone having a picture?

With the next one, we had more luck. Both flower and fruit at same time.
The passion flower, Passiflora incarnata only flowers for a few
hours, and then they are gone.
See short videoclip here.

No more comments. They are just too beautiful.

Even more flowers from La Gomera 2005. Click here


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