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If you have never been on a coastline directly out to one of the big oceans,
it is difficult to understand how you can sit right on the shore and look UP upon
the big waves coming in from somewhere out there.

As told in our first La Gomera report there are not many sandy beaches here.
In fact, in Valle Gran Rey, where those waves are coming in, there are only
4 beaches. One in the harbour, fairly quiet behind the big breakwater (mole),
the lagoon by the El Conde hotels, Playa Maria in La Playa, and finally
Playa Ingles up north. The latter two lie open toward the ocean, and when
the waves are more than 2-3 meters high (as on picture above), you have to
know what you are doing when trying to get a swim...., and some don't.

Except for the four beaches, the coast along Valle Gran Rey is very rocky,
as shown above. Here you have almost no possibilities to get out into the sea.
At least not in a regular way....

Try to imagine what will happen if you are between the shore and the wave,
when they comes in like this....

It's a little more safe to have some rocks between you and the waves,
but don't be too sure!

You'll never know when you get wet.......

Now, let the pictures tell you more about the waves here off La Gomera:
You may right-click on all to get a larger view (800x600)

Funny thing is that even as the ocean behind seems to be very quiet,
suddenly just off the coastline waves raise and come booming in.

Believe it or not - there was no entrance-fee to those performances!

Few days after we left La Gomera they had a really bad weather coming in.
Weather forecast predicted waves to 6 meters heighth, and winds up to 90 km/h,
and of course, thunder and heavy rains, too.
Although the rain was good to La Gomera (last time they had rain was 4 months ago),
the rest of the story is probably not so good.


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