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while the waves are rolling in - and we were not the only ones at the beach that night!

A tradition here in Valle Gran Rey, is that a group of drummers shows up just before
sunset most days on the beach La Playa de Maria in Calera.
And when the haze with sand from Sahara, and 'calima' after a long hot day, is not there,
you normally have sunsets like this. Even more exciting when the waves are bigger than
normal, except that they might hide the last sight of the sun - the moment where
you can be amongst the lucky ones and see the green flash just when the sun disappears.

View from our house around sunset

just can't help taking those pictures.....

So it is night, and a peaceful and quiet dinner at our veranda (porch).
What really surprised us here was that there were no noise to hear from anywhere
at this time of the day.
Know about any other 'tourist-resorts' with complete silence?

Just a last one, with El Hierro, the 7th of the Canarian Islands in the west.

and best of it all - sunsets are absolutely free....


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