Volcanoes of Nicaragua
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The Concepcion volcano is located on the Ometepe Island in the Lake of Nicaragua.
The island is made of 2 volcanoes: Concepcion and Maderas.
This volcano has been the subject of a course on "Volcanic Risks Mapping Using GIS" held in Sep. 95 at INETER,
and taught by Carlos MUNOZ. (43 / 47 / 28 / 34 / 57 Kb) Pictures: Sep. 95

Cerro Negro 
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The cerro Negro is located 60 KM NW of Managua, and 20 KM NE of Leon, the second largest city in Nicaragua.
Dec. 95

The Cerro Negro, located NW of Managua is a small volcanic complex, but is very active.
It erupted in September 94, June 95 and during Nov.19-Dec 2, 95. )

Here are some pictures of the Nov-Dec Eruption.
Dec. 95
Photo: Pedro HERNANDEZ
Nov 1995.( 29 / 30 / 29 / 30 / 34 / 31 / 42 Kb)

From left to right: Dec. 6, 95 explosion, lateral lava flow, field of ash at the foot of the volcano,
a crazy perspective on the flank of the volcano (Markus Kesseler gives the scale).
Last two pictures: ash deposit on the cathedral at Leon, 20Km away!!!

Ash deposit on the cathedral at Leon, 20Km away!!!
.Des. 1995.
( 40 / 40 / 39 Kb)

Good to know: A volcano doesn't have to be tall and big to be dangerous.
Too often people just forget that..

Masaya Volcano
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October 1994
The Masaya volcano, located SE of Managua, is also a national park.
The structure shows 2 craters, one active, the other one dormant. It is possible to see the previous fossilized lava lake levels (pictures 2 to 7).

September 1995
The volcano has continuous gas emissions and seismic activity.
It is monitored by the INETER (National Nicaraguan Institute for Territorial Studies) in Managua.
The seismic volcano monitoring is done thanks to the collaboration between them and the Swiss Disaster Relief Unit.

(42 / 78 / 79 / 88 / 67 / 69 / 85 / 71 / 72 / 58 / 62 Kb)
(Remaining pictures)

Different volcanoes: 
San Cristobal 
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Part of the volcanic chain in the region of the Cerro Negro volcano. From left to right,
you have San Cristobal, Telica and Rota, all NW of the Cerro Negro .

San Cristobal (left) and Telica (right) in the Northwesternly part of the volcano-chain.
Just a bit farther NW than Cerro Negro.

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Momotombo volcano is to the NW of Managua, by the Lake of Managua.

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